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Naturdinge - Formen zwischen Kunst und Wissen

„Sobald die Naturdinge vom Menschen erfasst werden, bewegen sie sich grenzüberschreitend in der Trennzone zwischen Naturgebilde und Kunstwerk.“ (Horst Bredekamp)

Natural history has paved numerous paths and branches into the visual arts. In her multimedia exhibition, artist and encyclopaedist Marlene Bart explores the tension between objectivity and imagination in the artistic adaptation of systematic organising elements. In four cabinet chapters, she explores the question of how humans create knowledge by utilising the artistic and historical potential of scientific illustrations, anatomy models, dermoplastics and cabinets of curiosities and translating them into a contemporary language.


Curated by: Olga Nevzorova


Launched in 2019, the cooperation project between the Sprengel Museum Hannover and feinkunst eV is dedicated to young, contemporary art from Hannover and Lower Saxony. Since then, an exhibition has been curated once a year by the Sprengel Museum Hannover on the premises of feinkunst eV.

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