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Theatrum Radix at Zeiss Großraumplanetarium Berlin

In August 2023, Theatrum Radix was presented as an extraordinary audiovisual experience at the Zeiss Großraumplanetarium in Berlin.


This project captivated audiences by seamlessly combining an impressive dome projection based on a 17-minute Virtual Reality animation with live music, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

The realization of this project was achieved through close collaboration with the Zeiss Großraumplanetarium team (Dr. Jürgen Rienow & Matthieu Jimenez).

The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, along with Mediasphere For Nature represented by Nadja Tata, played integral roles in its execution.


Key to the success of the project was the technical adaptation of the VR animation for the dome projection, made possible by the expertise of Ikonospace BV, represented by Joris Demnard and Manuel Farré, within the framework of the collaboration between Marlene Bart and Ikonospace.

A particular highlight of the evening was the captivating live music performed by Daniel Benyamin, complementing the visual experience in a truly mesmerizing manner.

Theatrum Radix provided visitors with a unique and unforgettable experience under the impressive dome projection of the Zeiss Großraumplanetarium.

Photos by Daniel Scharf

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